Linie II

Site-specific Installation, Augsburg, Germany 2016
In collaboration with rlon


One second of white rope is traveling through time and space. The white rope is moving at a constant pace along the contours of an imaginary shape, traversing the whole space in several directions and angles. For following that second in the vast space, it requires the viewer to look up while moving his whole head.

While passing through long distances as a straight line, it appears to be slow and content. Other passages require quick shifts of direction and the perception changes to fast and sudden movements.

The installation consists of an endless loop of a thin black string running through several pulleys, driven at a constant speed by a motor. The motor and the pulleys are mounted on white boxes and mark the places where the sculpture has contact to the room. A part of the black string is replaced by a white rope, the length of this white part needs one second to pass by any point of the sculpture at the given speed.